Fig is a neglected fruit. Fig is eaten as curry. Know the benefits of figs.
It controls high blood pressure:
Fig contains a lot of potassium. Potassium helps to control blood pressure. Eating fruits and vegetables regularly is good for health, but often we do not eat processed foods. The amount of sodium in processed foods that is high in salt. Reduce the amount of potassium in the diet, the amount of sodium in hypertension may be the problem. A recent study found, those who eat the snacks and sweets instead of fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy, eating potassium in their diet, the amount of calcium and magnesium.
Other Benefits:
The amount of water to be smashed over Figs. It helps to clear the acne cure. Figs are beneficial for those who are allergic to milk and dairy foods. Figs are plenty of calcium. To fix the problem works best abdominal Fig. It is beneficial for people suffering from weakness Fig. Especially in the face, tongue or lips fiercely let the problem if it helps cure Fig. The problem of constipation and piles make Fig beneficial.
Helps to reduce weight:
Fig contains food fiber that helps to reduce weight. If your goal is weight control then keep fig in your diet. Figs contain pectin control blood cholesterol.
Beneficial diabetes problems:
Fig leave is equal benefits with fig. Fig leave contains anti-diabetic material. Some time diabetes patient need to take insulin. The study has revealed that helps reduce the amount of insulin in this fig. Doctor’s advice is that to eat some fig leaf extract in the breakfast. Insulin-dependent diabetic patients are very beneficial for the Fig.
Menopause is beneficial for the next stage:
The study has revealed that the next stage of menopause helps prevent breast cancer Fig. As a result, 34% women can safe with breast cancer by taking fig. The next stage of menopause women with hormone replacement method has fiber cereal diet; they showed less than 50% chance of getting breast cancer. Choose some hole green food like apples, figs, dates.
Increase in bone:
Fig has lot of calcium. Additional salt diet on a regular basis with the calcium in the urine comes out. To prevent the loss of potassium and calcium helps fig. In this way increase bone Fig.
Keeps the heart:
Studies have revealed that, figs and fig leaves help to control the level of triglycerides. As a result heart becomes well. There are also significant quantities of manganese in Figs. Try to keep Fig in diet. It helps many illness of old induced problem.

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